Ever been in a dangerous situation? Here are some tips from security pros on ways to ensure your physical safety in different situations. Here are the tips which can literally save your life at some point in life:

  • Don’t rely on the door chain lock alone

Wherever you are, never rely on the door chain for safety – they can be broken in seconds.

  • Stuff a peephole with tissue.

Many peepholes can be used by intruders to look inside your home or hotel room. Install a cover for your peephole at home and always have it covered.

  • Keep your car keys close to your bed

Most car key fobs have panic buttons which can come in handy if you feel like somebody is trying to get into your property or hurt you in any way. Make sure you keep your car keys and the panic button where you can reach them even when you are sleeping. Hopefully, turning on the alarm and flashing lights will scare off any imposter or at least attract the attention of neighbors or passers-by. This works if you live in a house or small condo.

  • Keep your car key in your hand when walking alone

Having your car key available for emergencies when you need to quickly get into your car due to an attack or other dangerous situation is essential for your fats reaction time. In case of an attack, a physical car key protruding in between the knuckles can serve as a weapon for self-defense as well.

  • Don’t enter your actual address on your smartphone or another GPS device

If your phone or car gets stolen, you don’t want the burglars to attempt to rob your home as well. If you have paperwork with your home address which you need to keep in the car, make sure it is safely locked in the glove compartment.

  • Enable the remote wipe feature of your smartphone

This will allow you to quickly erase all data including bank information and personal and sensitive information immediately after you find out that your phone has been stolen or if you have lost it.

  • Be careful about what you share on social media

Yes, we all feel the urge to brag about the exotic vacation we are enjoying on Facebook or other social media platforms but be cautious about this kind of information getting into the hands of potential burglars as well. Also, do not share the information that you are interested in going to an event which means that you will be leaving your house unattended at that time.

These simple tips can help you stay away from attacks, burglaries and other potentially life-threatening situations.

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