Now that spring is finally here, you may want to ensure that your property is safer especially given that you probably be spending more time outdoors and on vacations during the warmer seasons.

Here are some safety tips for keeping your home safe in the spring and summer:

For the outdoors

Make sure to regularly cut and trim any hedges and shrubs in your backyard, in order to provide a better view of what is happening outside your home.

Always close your garage door and keep it closed until the next time you need to access the garage.

If you spend time gardening or doing outdoor work, ensure that your doors are locked, especially those which are beyond your line of sight.

When you are indoors

Keep the screen door properly locked and do not leave your car keys, wallet or other valuable stuff by the door.

At night

Make sure all the accessible windows and doors of your home are properly locked before going to bed. If you need to leave a window open for ventilation, make sure you install a stop which will prevent it from being opened from the outside by more than 4 inches.

Before leaving the house

  • Ensure that all windows and doors are locked
  • If you have a gate – lock that too
  • Even if you leaving just for a little while never leave the garage door open when you leave your house.

When you are going on a vacation

  • Cancel any newspaper or magazine subscriptions until you return
  • Refrain from bragging about your vacation in the social media, and abstain from sharing your vacation plans on Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter and other social network platforms.
  • Disable the GPS apps on your mobile phone and mobile devices.
  • Ask a trusted neighbor or friend to come to your house on a daily basis and pick up any mail.
  • Inform the neighbors you trust about your vacation plans and ask them to contact the police and you if something unusual is spotted to be happening around or in your house.
  • Arrange for your front lawn to be maintained regularly.
  • Install timers which will turn your lights on and off and mimic a typical lighting pattern your family has.
  • Turn down the ring volume of your phone or use a message on your answering machine which leaves an impression that you are there.
  • Disable the garage door opening unit.
  • Don’t keep your jewelry, cash or other valuables in predictable places. If you have high-value jewels and other belongings it is best to store them in a safety deposit box while you are gone.

Follow these tips and make sure you stay on the safe side this summer!

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